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Understanding the intricacies of cybersecurity is crucial in today's digital landscape, where threats are ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated. Through the completion of various projects like the AZURE Sentinel SIEM Lab, Splunk SIEM Lab, Vega Project, and Fat-Rat Github Payload Generator Walkthrough, I've delved into critical areas of cybersecurity, ranging from incident detection to web application security testing. These projects have provided invaluable insights into fundamental principles such as firewall configuration, incident detection, and payload generation. Moreover, they've underscored the importance of adaptive approaches in technology, robust security architecture, and understanding basic networking concepts like HTTP/HTTPS protocol and SQL queries. Each project has not only enhanced my technical skills but also deepened my understanding of cybersecurity's multifaceted nature. As I continue to explore and engage with such projects, I aim to further strengthen my cybersecurity expertise and contribute effectively to addressing the ever-growing challenges in the cybersecurity domain.


Splunk SIEM Lab

Revealed cyber attack realities with multiple IP attackers targeting the webserver. Emphasized the importance of robust security architecture. Highlighted safeguards like using private IPs via Jumpbox to prevent lateral movement. Learned SIEM management, incident detection, cybersecurity architecture, SPLUNK troubleshooting, and lab configuration.

Vega Project

Explored Vega and SQLMap for web application security testing. Demonstrated configuration, usage, and result verification with sqlmap. Emphasized the importance of understanding basic networking concepts like HTTP/HTTPS protocol and SQL queries for effective testing.


Gained insights into fundamental principles like firewall configuration. Identified attackers targeting virtual machine, mainly from South Korea. Recognized the need for evolving approaches in technology, adapting query analysis for data integration.

Fat-Rat Github Payload Generator Walkthrough

Demonstrated execution permissions and root privileges setup. Explored payload generation, including undetectable options for enhanced stealth. Learned payload customization and listener management for effective deployment strategies. Enhanced technical skills and cybersecurity understanding through practical experimentation.

Damn Vulnerable Web App Password Cracking with Hydra

Explored Hydra utility within Kali Linux for password attacks across various protocols. Emphasized syntax adaptation for target website structures. Covered HTTP form-post and GET attacks with Hydra, focusing on response differentiation and handling additional parameters. Highlighted security considerations for ethical and legal compliance in security assessments.

Exploiting vsftp 2.3.4 on metasploitable box

Attacktive Directory TryHackMe Lab HACKING ACTIVE DIRECTORY

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