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Legend Glenn

Cyber Security Analyst 

Address Chesapeake, VA




Welcome to my portfolio site! I'm a problem solver driven to contribute to company success. Originally a mechanical engineering major, my passion for technology led me to the captivating realm of cybersecurity. I've delved deep into the NIST framework, honing my skills in vulnerability exploration and exploitation. With expertise in implementing robust security features and creating guidelines, I'm dedicated to fostering secure environments. As an experienced IT Specialist, specializing in system administration and cybersecurity, I've solidified my foundation. Interning at Canon Virginia INC has further strengthened my practical experience. Currently, I serve as a System and Database Administrator, ensuring seamless system integration and data integrity. I'm focused on advancing my IT career in cybersecurity and cloud administration/security. Let's connect and discuss exciting ventures!

  • AZURE Sentinel SIEM LAB: Gained insights into fundamental principles like firewall configuration. Identified attackers targeting virtual machine, mainly from South Korea. Recognized the need for evolving approaches in technology, adapting query analysis for data integration.

  • Splunk SIEM Lab: Revealed cyber attack realities with multiple IP attackers targeting the webserver. Emphasized the importance of robust security architecture. Highlighted safeguards like using private IPs via Jumpbox to prevent lateral movement. Learned SIEM management, incident detection, cybersecurity architecture, SPLUNK troubleshooting, and lab configuration.

  • Vega Project: Explored Vega and SQLMap for web application security testing. Demonstrated configuration, usage, and result verification with sqlmap. Emphasized the importance of understanding basic networking concepts like HTTP/HTTPS protocol and SQL queries for effective testing.

  • Fat-Rat Github Payload Generator Walkthrough: Demonstrated execution permissions and root privileges setup. Explored payload generation, including undetectable options for enhanced stealth. Learned payload customization and listener management for effective deployment strategies. Enhanced technical skills and cybersecurity understanding through practical experimentation.

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  • Cybersecurity: SIEM (Elastic, Splunk), IDS/IPS (Snort, Suricata), Vulnerability scanning (Nessus, OpenVAS), Penetration testing (Kali Linux, Metasploit, NMAP, SQLMAP, Theharvester), Endpoint protection (Endgame),Packet Analysis(Wireshark), Forensic analysis (FTK Imager)

  • System Administration: Linux (Ubuntu, Kali), Windows Server (2016, 2019), Active Directory, SCCM, Virtualization (VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V), Networking (TCP/IP, Firewall management), PowerShell scripting

  • Cloud: AWS, Azure,Azure AD

  • Troubleshooting and Support: Backups, Quality Control Checks, Service Now Escalation and Ticket Resolution, Software Installation, Computer Troubleshooting

  • Threat Intelligence · Digital Forensics · SIEM · Incident Response · Phishing Analysis


2022 - Present

System Administrator 

Norfolk State University

Norfolk, VA


Information Technology / Cyber Intern


Newport News, VA

2019 - 2021


Old Dominion University 

Norfolk , VA


2017 - 2021

Old Dominion University

Bachelors Degree in Cybersecurity 

Norfolk, VA

2023 - Present

Norfolk State University

Masters Degree in Cybersecurity 

Norfolk, VA


  • Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity with Minors in Information Systems and Technology, Risk Management & Insurance, and Criminal Justice.

  • Obtained certifications in BTL1,Network+, Security+, and CYSA+.

  • Implemented multiple applications at Norfolk State University, including Informer 5, Slate, and CL Connect, improving data access, university enrollment, and financial aid distribution.

  • Managed accounts, network rights, and system access at Norfolk State University, ensuring data security in compliance with VITA Sec 501.

  • Created a Test Storage environment at Canon Virginia INC, saving the organization $60,000 by optimizing equipment utilization for testing purposes.

  • Monitored suspicious activity and anomalies through Elastic Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM) as a Security Analyst at Canon Virginia INC.

  • I have managed accounts, network rights, and access to systems and equipment and implemented security procedures in regard to data and accessing systems/applications owned by the university in accordance to VITA Sec 501.

  • At Norfolk State, I  Stood up multiple applications to help business functions such as Informer 5 to be able to safely and securely pull data based on user roles, Slate which is a recruiting system that increased the university enrollment by a minimum of 30%, and CL Connect which helps disperse over a million dollars of finical aid in secure system that holds PII.




Address  Chesapeake , VA


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